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Wrongful Death Lawyers Toronto

151 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4R 1A6

Recent Posts:

Who can collect damages from a wrongful death lawsuit in Ontario?

Ontario’s Family Law Act sets the rules for who can claim damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. The court assesses damages from a wrongful death lawsuit when the deceased would have been entitled to personal injury damages had he or she survived the injuries. According to Ontario law, the surviving spouse and other family members [...]

Proving Wrongful Death Liability in Ontario

When a family loses a loved one emotions run high, and it’s not uncommon to see surviving spouses, children, and parents pointing fingers at the persons or parties they believe at fault. The Party Liable for a Wrongful Death Can be More than a Person There are two main types of parties that could be [...]

5 Wrongful Death Claims in Ontario

Wrongful death claims in Ontario are more common than you may think. Any time you hear about a fatal car accident, a wrongful death claim is highly likely to follow. Even global celebrities may find themselves involved in posthumous legal battles when their cause of death is questioned. The following are real examples of wrongful [...]

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